Long Oil Air-drying Alkyd Resin (610W70)

Suitable for decorative paint (external and internal)

Quick info


Short Introduction:

Suitable for decorative paint (external and internal)

Product Status: Available

General Information



Good brushability and flowability

Good drying

Good weather resistance

Suitable for external and internal surfaces

Resistance against yellowing

Good stability over time


Package Type: Barrel – 190kg Net


Storage conditions: Out of the sun and in normal conditions


How to apply: Spray, brush, roller



Technical Details



Resin Composition:

61% Oil (Triglyceride)

24% Phihalic anhydride


Oil Soya Bean
Form of supply 70% Solution in white sprit
Viscosity Gardner Bubble Viscometer/ 25°C

60% Solution white spirit: Z4-Z5/  70-90 Stoke

Color Index (60% solution in white spirit)

Gardner color standard 1933˂5

Acid Value DIN 53183 (mg. KOH/g of solid resin) 6-10
Density 20 ºC (g/ml) approx, 0.92-0.94
Solid Content 70%±1
Dilatability White Spirit Xylene +








Ethyl cello solve

Butyl acetate



Butanol Limited