Polyurethane Varnishes On Wooden Surface

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Short Introduction:

Product Type Sanding Sealer Glossy Varnish S. Matt & Matt Varnish
Application Field Furniture industry interior usage on all kind wooden surface.
Mixing Ratio (By Weight) According to the instruction that is written on the box.
POT Life Choosing the advised product due to the seasonal properties in the explained mixing ratio depending on the ambient temperature : 4-6 hours.
Thinner Usage Use our factory made polyurethane thinner Do not use thinner. if needed use only our factory made polyurethane thinner in the minimum amount Use our factory made polyurethane thinner
Application Method Clean the surface from dust, grease, etc. Apply 2-3 coats and Walt 1 hour between each coat Applied on the surfaces which are prepared by our sanding sealer.

If it will be applied more than one coat , Walt min 1hour, max 6hour , between coats.

Drying Time Touch dry 15 – 20 minutes, sand dry 3 – 3.5 hours Touch dry: 1-1.5 hours , stack dry: 2 days touch dry: 1- 1.5 hours for s. matt varnish, touch dry 35 – 45 minutes for matt varnish stack dry: 1 day for both


Storage 1year in the original packing in cool and appropriate storage conditions.